Undergraduate Honors System Requirements

The University, wishing to provide recognition to exceptional students, has established an Honors System. Undergraduate students are given awards for achievement measurable in grades beginning with semester grades and ending with cumulative grades until graduation.


Students are given distinctions for their performance for a semester or academic year as listed below :

AwardGPA. / Semester
University Council Certificate of Honors4.00 / any academic year
President’s Certificate of Honors3.50-3.99 / any academic year
Academic List of Honors3.25 or higher / each semester

Conditions : – 15 credits / semester required except for final semester.

– Grades must be ‘C’ or higher.

– Tuition and other fees are required to be paid within each academic semester period.


Undergraduate students maintaining a high scholastic average are eligible for graduation with the following Honors ;

AwardCummulative GPA
Summa Cum Laude3.80 – 4.00
Magna Cum Laude3.50 – 3.79
Cum Laude3.25 – 3.49

Requirements for Graduation with Honors :


  • Have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation within 4 years (5 years for Architecture).
  • Have not been placed on probation in any condition.
  • Have not received a grade lower than ‘C’ for any course and / or “U” for non credit courses.
  • Transfer students must have taken all the third and fourth year courses (or 72 credits) at Assumption University.
  • Students who have graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher, regardless of a grade lower than “C” or “U” for non credit courses, or those who completed all requirements within 5 years of study for all 4-year undergraduate programs; and within 6 years for the Architecture Program, are entitled to obtain an Award of Academic Excellence.




Assumption University, with its ultimate aim to encourage undergraduate students to maximally utilize their potentiality in their studies, strengthen their academic calibers, and strive for academic distinction, has granted Assumption University’s Academic Merit Scholarship (AUAMS) to reward the students who are able to achieve and sustain their highly outstanding academic achievement.

Following are the process and requirements the students need to fulfill in order to be qualified for Assumption University’s Academic Merit Scholarship (AUAMS).

I.  Obtaining the Eligibility Status:

  1. Obtain a cumulative credit of at least 50 credits.
  2. Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.85 in the semester a cumulative credit of at least 50 credits is attained – hereinafter this semester would be referred to as “eligibility semester”.

II.  Completing the Qualified Status:

  1. In the semestera) following the “eligibility semester”:

1.1   declare their major before or at the time of subjects’ enrollment, (failure to declare their majors would subject the students to the disentitlement of the AUAMS irrespective of their fulfillment of the requirements in 1.2 and 2).

1.2   enroll subjects with a minimum combined credit of 18 creditse) but not exceed 22 credits, and make a full payment for the enrolled subjects b)

  1. Secure required passing gradesc) of the subjects with the total credits of no less than 15 creditsd), and successfully maintain a cumulative grade point average of no less than 3.85 – hereinafter this semester would be referred to as “qualified semester”.

III.   Declaring the bank account to which the approved refund would be remitted:

  1. Once the completion of “qualified status” of the students is verified, the full refund for the tuition fees paid for the subjects enrolled and passed with required passing gradesc, d) in the qualified semester would be deposited into the students’ specified bank account.


a) The AUAMS excludes the summer session – The students will fully absorb tuition fees of subjects enrolled in the summer session.

b) The AUAMS excludes subjects in Aeronautic Engineering.

c) The AUAMS excludes students from Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, majoring in Design and Digital Innovation and Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, majoring in Imagineer Media Entrepreneurship.

d) Required passing grade for English I to IV and required subjects stipulated in the program students declared as their major is “C” or above, while passing grade for required subjects in other programs students enrolled as free electives is “C- (C minus) and D”.

e) Any subjects enrolled in the “qualified semester” with “W” grade will not be eligible for the full refund.

f) The graduating students in their last semester are allowed to enroll less than 18 credits based on their program’s requirements. The AUAMS, however, will not be applied to any subjects/credits enrolled exceeds the program’s requirements.

g) Students receiving other University’s scholarships will not be eligible for the AUAMS.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Eligibility Semester - the semester in which the students have obtained a cumulative credit of at least 50 credits as well as achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.85.
  2. Qualified Semester - the semester following the Eligibility Semester, the students enroll minimum combined credits of 18 but not exceed 22 credits, and obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.85.