In order to facilitate the committee’s assessment on validity of students’ reasons in missing their examinations, as well as decision making on the propriety of students’ petition for late examination, following documents pertaining to the cause of their absences along with their formal petitions must be submitted to the office of the University Registrar within 3 days after the date students have missed the examination:

1. Class attendance record

A letter from their instructors indicating number of hours of their class absences – 6 hours absent from 45 lecture hours for example, otherwise their petitions will not be considered. The letter can be forwarded to the office of the University Registrar after the 3-day specified period but must be before the committee’s meeting date. Students’ petition with absences more than 20% will be discarded.

2. Required document in case of
“death of a person in the family”

Death certificate of the person.

3. Required documents for “sickness” case


  • Medical bills, and medical certificate or a photocopy containing “the doctor’s detailed diagnosis of the symptom as well as signs of sickness”, i.e. temperature, pulse, bowel sound etc., the prescribed medicines, suggestions on the necessity in taking the “Bed-Rest”, and the doctor’s license number. (Medical certificate indicating the nature of sickness i.e. “diarrhea” or “fever” and “bed-rest for three days” is not sufficient. It is the students’ prime responsibility to ask their doctors for the aforementioned information.)


  • Historical records including past history of chronicle illness from the doctor whom students have been seeking medical treatment, if the absence in the examination is due to the chronicle sickness.



4. Required document for “accidental” case
  • Insurance claim, if the car is insured. The claim must contain the name of driver and show the date that corresponds to the date of the examination. If the accident is the major accident and requires hospitalization and hence causes the delay in filing the insurance claim, the claim, which could be different date, must be accompanied by medical bill and certificate.
  • Pictures of the damage of students’ transportation – the submitted photographic document must consist of pictures showing the transportation’s license plate, the transportation from the distance, and the damage in the closed-up format.
  • The photocopy of the transportation’s owner title.
  • The garage’s repaired bill, if any.