Intensive Course

Applicants who are not exempted from placement tests or have not obtained exempting scores in the placement tests are required to take intensive courses to improve their knowledge for preparation to study in the University, improve English skills, review Mathematics comprehension and other subjects, concerning with the faculty / major which the applicant has applied for.

When applicants have successfully completed intensive course(s), Assumption University will examine the results of the intensive course(s) and properly place the applicants to the appropriate classes for the following semester.


Course offered

Intensive English Course

It is divided into 2 levels: 60-hour course and 120-hour course. Placement depends on results of the English placement test.

Intensive Mathematics Course

it is divided into 2 levels: 15-hour course, and 60-hour course. Placement depends on results of the Mathematics placement test.

Other Intensive Courses

Other Intensive Courses are French, Chinese, Japanese, Physics, Chemistry, Creative Communication, Drawing, or Theory of Music. Selection of courses depends on the applicants’ academic performance and faculty/department applied for.