Examination Information

1. No Late Examinations during Summer Session


Students who fail to appear for mid-term and/or final examinations of the subject(s) enrolled in summer session, irrespective of their personal reasons, will not be allowed to take late examinations and will be required to withdraw from the subject(s). 

2. No Examination at Wrong Campus
  • Effective Mid-term examination semester 2/2002, irrespective of reasons, students will not be permitted to take examinations at “wrong campus” and will hence, be considered as “absent” from the exam.

  • To avoid such a mistake, students are required to carefully check their examination schedules as well as the designated locations, and be at the premise on time.

3. Examination Regulations

  • Students are allowed to be only 10 minutes LATE.
  • Non Programmable calculators are allowed.
  • DO NOT bring into the examination room/hall the following items:
    • Any form of information related or unrelated e.g. Notes
    • Communication Devices e.g. Mobile phones, Tablets
    • Dictionaries
  • DO NOT Leave exam room during the first 30 minutes, Leave exam room without surrendering your signature, Communicate to other students in exam room.
  • DO NOT Take any question papers out of the exam room, allow to visit the rest room during the exam time, remain in the hallway/corridor while the exams are in progress.
  • DO Place wallets and mobile phones (off) under your own seat.
  • Remember that Violation on any Regulations is considered as CHEATING.
  • CHEATING considerations: any kinds of note on papers, note on rulers, note on body, place under exam paper, place inside pencil box, place inside shirt/trouser/skirt, place under desk/chair, etc.