Intensive Course

All students must register all English courses every semester until they have passed English 4.

You can only take one course per semester but, you can register past Business Ethic Seminar courses that you haven’t passed. For example, in the past semester you haven’t passed BG14031. In this semester, you are able to register for BG14032 and BG14031 (the course you haven’t passed).

You are able to modify your schedule up to 3 times.

The number of seat available is appropriated by the faculty not Registrar office and is not up to the number of seats there is in a room.

Students expecting to graduate have had reached their expected amount of credits in the first semester and second semester of 120 credits and above. For summer terms, they must have 133 credits and above.

Students that are graduating the semester they are registering their courses can have exam time conflict courses. However, that is only for students who are graduating the semester they are registering for.


Students that haven’t passed the pre-requisite course the semester before must pass the pre-requisite course first. For example, MGT 3907 has a pre-requisite course of English 4. Thus, you must have passed English 4 first before registering MGT 3907. - In the case where the student has to pre-register a class requiring a pre-requisite. For example, English 4 and the grade releases after you have paid for MGT 3907 you can come and delete the course afterwards during the adding period (the first two weeks once the semester opens) you will be refunded for the total amount of the course.

Ask your faculty’s information center - From the webpage of your faculty - In the AU Spark, once you have selected your course and section there will be details concerning the pre-requisite.

How many credits can I register per semester? 9.1 First semester and second semester

In the case that the credits do not exceed 22 credits, write a petition detailing the reason for registering more than the allotted credit limit and ask for the signature of the chair person or the dean. Once signed, bring the petition to the Office of Registrar during the registration period - In the case that the credits exceed 22 credits, write the petition as stated above then you must get the signature of the dean afterwards bring the petition to the vice president for academic affairs to sign, then bring the petition to the office of registrar during the registration period.

You can check from the webpage then login from the front page of the university, and facebook fan page ABAC Registrar Office.

The course or subject is closed - When the grade is released and have not passed the pre-requisite course

The University Registrar has no jurisdiction to increase the seat limit the faculty has appropriated. If the student needs to register the course with that section and that section has all available seats filled, contact the faculty to increase the seat limit.

It is not recommended to do so as registering from both platforms will increase the amount of strain on the registration system. There is also a chance that registering from both platforms will use up all allotted modifications to the schedule.

During the designated pre-registration block - Between 16.00 – 17.00 of each pre-registration day

Because the faculty changes the instructor due to a variety of reasons. For example, the said instructor has resigned from his teaching role in the university without prior notice.