Assumption University maintains two campuses: the original campus located at Hua Mak in the city, and the new campus at Suvarnabhumi,

some thirty minutes from the South of the city campus and twenty minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport on the way to the Eastern Seaboard. The original campus is a compact, vertical campus comprised of 17 buildings with the tallest having a total of 16 floors. A small lake surrounded by lush gardens and seating is a focal point of beauty and tranquility. Food, convenience, and service shops to support student needs surround the campus. This will become the home of the postgraduate faculties.

The Suvarnabhumi Campus, constructed as a “University in a Park”, comprises 200 acres of a beautifully landscaped assembly of mixed architecture surrounded by lush tropical gardens and trees. Designed to host the university’s undergraduate degree programs, it offers everything: a meeting/exhibition center, hotel, non-coeducational dormitories, a magnificent chapel, a museum, eleven academic halls, and much more. The centerpiece of the campus is the Cathedral of Learning, a 39-story tower, which houses student support services, the library, reception halls, seminar rooms and offices. Transportation between the two campuses is convenient and inexpensive. Shuttles run throughout the day between various points in Bangkok and the Suvarnabhumi Campus.
Catering facilities are available to faculty, staff and students throughout both campuses. Contractoroperated facilities are in operation daily from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. (Hours may change during semester breaks).

AU Mall

Located in Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi Campus. There are two buildings as the followings :
  • Two storey commercial Building
  • Three storey cafeteria

  • Objective
  • To provide the facility for students, lecturers and university staffs.
  • Being the integrated retail store where provide the center for food, service and edutainment.

  • Project Details
    1. AU Mall retail store – Two storeys with usuable area of 5,031.40 sq.m. Total 47 units.
    2. Cafeteria – Threes Storeys with usable are of 1,879.07 sq.m.
    - 1st and 2nd Floor – Cafeteria with total 15 restaurants.
    - 3rd Floor – The entertainment hall “Albert Hall” of 100 seats

    AU Plaza

    Located on the ground floor of Cathedral of Learning (CL Building) at Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi Campus.

    Objectives :
  • To provide the facility for students, lecturers and university staffs to have the fantastic university life.
  • Being the center of beverage, bakery and coffee shop.
  • Being the center for service to facilitate university life.

  • Project Details
    Cathedral of Learning (CL Building) is a 38 storey building where compose of :
  • Classrooms, lecturer office and management office – 37 storeys
  • Plaza Zone with usable are 7,445.13 sq.m. – Ground Floor (51 units)

  • Contact Information :
    Pasupat Realty Co., Ltd., 12nd Fl. Chartered Square Building, 152 North Sathorn Road Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500. Tel. 02-637-8989 ext. 301 – 304, Fax 02-6378990 Email:
    AU Students can easily pay their tuition fees by sending a request to debit fund from their Bank of Ayudhya account during Payment period from ANYWHERE over the Internet. Go to

    Hua Mak Campus ( Bank of Ayudhya Public Co., Ltd. )

  • Location : In front of the University, near Post Office.
  • Contact: -
  • Mon. - Sat. (8.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.)

  • Suvarnabhumi Campus (Bank of Ayudhya Public Co., Ltd.)

    Location : Cathedral of Learning (CL Bldg.), Ground Floor
  • Contact : 0-2707-0350-4
  • Open Hour : Mon. - Fri. (8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.)

  • Location : AU Plaza, Ground Floor
  • Contact : -
  • Open Hour : Mon. - Fri. (8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.)
  • Bookstores on each campus provide a wide range of magazines, periodicals, educational equipment, textbooks and professional books usually not available at regular commercial bookstores. In addition, they of er a wide range of Thai style gifts for friends and visitors.

    Hua Mak Campus

  • St. Philip & Bernard Hall (P Bldg.), Ground Floor
  • Contact : 0-2300-4543-62 ext. 1218
  • Service Hours : Mon–Sat (7.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.)

  • Suvarnabhumi Campus

  • Cathedral of Learning (CL Bldg.), Ground Floor
  • Contact : 0-2723-2003
  • Service Hours : Mon - Fri (8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.)
  • The Campus Ministry is designed for the Catholic community and makes use of a spacious and beautiful Chapel where as the Religious Center is a multi-religion house of prayer, meditation, congregation, preaching, and for soul-searching pursuit of the true source of all knowledge and life. Space is provided for each community applying to establish a house of meditation and prayer.

    Hua Mak Campus

  • Location: Assumption Hall (A Bldg.), (Christian Library room, 3rd Floor)
  • Contact: 0-2300-4543-62 ext. 1306

  • Suvarnabhumi Campus

  • Behide the John Paul Conference XXIII
  • Assumption University provides health services on both campuses. Students are responsible for making arrangements for their own health care except in case of emergency. Registered nurses are on duty Monday through Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and are available for emergencies, first aid, and medical counseling.

    Students, faculty and staff members with medical problems are encouraged to keep their files active at the Health Center regarding the nature of their problems so that appropriate action can be taken in the event of an emergency.

    Hua Mak Campus

  • Infirmary Room : (Martin De Tours Hall (M Bldg.) - floating floor)
  • Contact : 0-2300-4543-62 ext. 3504
  • Service Hours : Mon – Fri (8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.)

  • Suvarnabhumi Campus

  • Infirmary Room : (Queen of Sheba, 2nd Floor) Residence Halls
  • Contact : 0-2723-6296
  • Service Hours : Mon – Fri (8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.)
  • Why stay in the residence halls?

    The objective of the residence halls is to foster appropriate "campus life" which includes both student residents and commuting students. The AU Residence Hall is not merely a place to rest and sleep but is a place filled with facilities, proper security, and architectural beauty that will enable students to learn and acquire knowledge. In addition, there are residence hall advisors who are able to help and advise students with any problems that they may have. Overall, these factors contribute to a residence hall of high standard and allow students to manage their time effectively in order to develop themselves mentally and emotionally.

    The reason for the creation of residence halls is not to obtain profit but the money obtained from residence fees is to foster effective service and an appropriate atmosphere. Therefore, the university has decided on a residence fee of 3,500 Baht per person per month. In addition, the student pays electricity, water, and damage deposit fees. Damage deposit fees will be returned to the student at the contract termination period.

    Who Can Stay In The Residence Halls?

    Students can stay in the residence hall for one academic year, excluding the summer session. All students must move out at the end of the academic year. If any student would like to stay on for another academic year, he will be required to submit a special request. This is to allow all students to have an equal chance to stay at the residence hall.

    All Assumption University students have an opportunity to stay at the residence halls depending on the number of available rooms. Students are given priority according to the following categories: 1. students whose courses (or most of them) are located at Bang Na campus 2. International students and 3. students whose homes are in the provinces.

    What will you find at the Residence Halls?

    The residence halls are open 24 hours a day. However, student residents who will not be spending the night at the residence halls need to notify the residence hall staff in advance since residence hall staff will check the number of student residents every night.

    Only student residents are allowed to enter the residence halls. There will be a security check before students can enter the residence halls. Security guards are available 24 hours a day. To ensure the safety of student residents, there are smoke detectors and sprinklers in every room (students will not be allowed to smoke in their rooms and in the corridors) and fire escapes, emergency lights, and a 24-hour closed circuit television monitoring system.

    The rules and regulations of the AU residence halls are related to the philosophy and objectives of the university. We would like to emphasize a positive and safe environment in order to foster self-discipline and responsibility and to help students to develop themselves mentally and emotionally. Overall, rules and regulations have been established since the University has a responsibility to parents for their children.

    All rooms are double rooms and it is recommended that students apply in pairs. If a student does not have a roommate, then the residence hall staff will find a roommate for him or her.

    Safety Measures

    In order to ensure the safety of all students, all students who bring their friends into the residence halls are requested to ask their friends to sign in/sign out. However, male student residents will not be able to enter the rooms of the female student residents and vice versa.

    To prevent fire hazards and other problems, students are not allowed to bring electrical appliances such as irons, rice cookers, microwaves, kettles, and electrical stoves. Students may make use of the kitchens, laundry services, and the mini marts available in the residence halls.

    What will you need to bring?

    The residence halls already have all the necessary items except for bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and towels. Students are requested to bring the above items themselves. Students may also purchase these items at the AU bookstore.

    Each room has the following conveniences :

  • Two 3.5' x 6.5' size beds including a mattress and a pillow. Students should bring their own bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets; or they can be purchased at the book store.
  • Two closet and shoe cabinets
  • Two desks and chairs
  • A direct-line telephone
  • A water heater
  • A pair of on-line connections for computer internet access
  • An air-conditioner
  • A 2.1 cubic foot refrigerator
  • A 21" color television with UBC (21 channels)
  • A smoke detector

  • The services available are the following :

  • Weekly room cleaning
  • Public telephones (coin & card) accommodating both domestic and international calls. Fax and xerox machines are also available.
  • 24 - hour security guard service for the residents' convenience
  • Pay-per-use water purifying machines
  • Soft drink vending machines
  • A mini-mart, a lounge, a kitchen, a fitness room, and a recreation hall.
  • A 20-bed medical center complete with qualified nurses, and doctor services at the "Primary care center".

  • Support Facilities in the Residence Halls

    Apart from the facilities provided in the rooms, there is a fitness gym, a games room, a soccer field, tennis courts, basketball courts, and volleyball courts for students. In addition, there is a mini-mart and laundry service. In the future, there will be a plaza in front of the resident halls, which will contain restaurants and other services.

    There is a cleaning service (once per week) for all rooms. All students should clean their rooms regularly every day to ensure their own physical and mental health. In addition, residence halls staff provide cleaning of all common areas, garbage disposal, 24-hour repair service, and 24-hour medical emergency service.
    The Network, which spans across the campus, is secure and reliable. The fast Ethernet Links and fiber optic cables allow students to cross geographical links in seconds. Voice and data communication between Hua Mak and Bang Na Campuses is available all day. The redundant gateways to the internet provide fault tolerance and reliability in case of Network Failures.

    Students are not limited to using the Network just from the campus. Students living off campus can dial up to the access server and make equal use of the Network. There are about 720 telephone lines that can be used for dial up connectivity at the speed reaching 56 kbps. The number of telephone lines will soon be increased to 1200.

    The Three Dormitories: Solomon, Sheba & King David

    The three 13-story dormitories form a U-shape embracing the basketball grounds and the middle pyramid.

    The grounds, with rows of seats all round it, is called the King’s court. Named after characters in the Old Testament, the salubrious dorms have all modern facilities and an underground car park. The safety measures to protect against fire include smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire escapes and emergency lighting. They are located in a windy area with plenty of sun and fresh air. They are on the western side of the campus so in the evening, one sees sunset rays suffuse the colorful flags on the Boulevard des Nations, which connects the residence halls to the front of the Cathedral of Learning.

    King Solomon Hall

    In the Old Testament, King Solomon inherited the kingdom from his father, King David. He built a temple dedicated to the God of the Israelites, which transformed Jerusalem into an important center during his time. But King Solomon here is a dormitory for male students. It has 505 rooms with an interior and facilities akin to a standard hotel, designed for quiet rest and study. Each room has a cable TV set, a small refrigerator, a direct line telephone and a pair of connections for computer Internet access. It faces the Queen of Sheba Dormitory.

    Queen of Sheba Hall

    The Queen of Sheba went to Jerusalem after she heard of Solomon’s fame, through the name of the Lord. Their legendary love not only had a deep influence on Jerusalem, but on numerous cultures. The Queen of Sheba dormitory is akin to that of King Solomon in the number of rooms, its exterior and interior, but it is for female students. There is a nursing room and study room on the second floor. Around both dormitories are outdoor sports grounds. Together, the twin halls stand as a testimony of love and hold young men and women bound for a bright future.

    King David Hall
    Long before Jesus Christ was born, King David ruled Israel. He was a valiant soldier, a musician and the man who defeated Goliath. King David is a hotel for visitors with 266 rooms in the same style as the other two dormitories. The back terrace of every room overlooks a wide green field. It is quiet at daytime and in the night. Only at Kind David are a mini-mart, a laundry shop and an ATM. An ABAC Dummy Perpetual Fund and a Student Affairs Fund to give financial support for youth activities and needy students in rural areas created the mini-mart or “U-Mate” convenient store. The total surplus generated by the story will be contributed to the Fund.

    Long before Jesus Christ was born, King David ruled Israel. He was a valiant soldier, a musician and the man who defeated Goliath. King David is a hotel for visitors with 266 rooms in the same style as the other two dormitories. The back terrace of every room overlooks a wide green field. It is quiet at daytime and in the night. Only at Kind David are a mini-mart, a laundry shop and an ATM. An ABAC Dummy Perpetual Fund and a Student Affairs Fund to give financial support for youth activities and needy students in rural areas created the mini-mart or “U-Mate” convenient store. The total surplus generated by the story will be contributed to the Fund

    AU Residence Halls Advisor :
    1. To provide orientation and information to the residents,
    2. To give advice and assistance to the residents who experience difficulties and encounter problems as hostel students,
    3. To create a multicultural learning environment free from prejudice and promote harmonious relations,
    4. To prepare development programs to enable students to enhance their potential,
    5. To make the residents observe the code of conduct and, if necessary, to initiate procedures that will lead to remedial action against violators.

    Contact Information :
    Suvarnabhumi Campus, Service
    Hours : Mon-Fri (09.00 am. – 04.00 pm.)
    Location : 2nd Floor, Queen of Sheba
    Tel : 0 2723-2222 Ext. 5297, Fax : 0 2723-2222 Ext. 6523

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