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Assumption University was initially originated from Assumption Commercial College in 1969 as an autonomous higher education institution under the name of Assumption School of Business.


ABAC has International programs to offer and this will be a great benefit for us to use English skills both inside and outside of class.

James Ma

an Actor (Channel 3) B.A. (Business English)
At ABAC, we have a great environment for learning.  This is one of the many reasons that inspires me to keep learning all the time.

Natasha Josephine Blake (Fifi)

a Singer (GMM Grammy) B. Arch. (Interior Architecture)
During summer break, we can get to do an internship or receive business training with many of the leading companies in Thailand. There is also ABAC Dummy Company—ABAC is the first university in Thailand to offer such an experience for students to run their own business.

Tanin Manoonsilp (Bomb)

an Actor (Channel 3) B.B.A. (Marketing)
Aeronautics courses at ABAC offer both engineering and aviation knowledge and with the Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL), the World’s newest course, helps me achieve my dreams of becoming a better pilot in less time.

Phum Phirakulwanich (Te)

B. Eng. (Aeronautic Engineering: Multi - Crew Pilot)
There are many international students here at ABAC and through them we can learn their cultures and adapt to them with hospitality and service for our future careers.

Sumonwan Sawaengsin (Nicname)

B.N.S. (Nursing Science) from Saint Louis College , Chachoengsao, Thailand
Together with well-known expert IT providers, AU built a laboratory which allows the university to work together with leading IT companies to find out the true needs of customers before developing an application.

Ahmed Alhajari

B.S. (Computer Science) from Bahrain
Music study here at ABAC teaches me not only know how to play music, it also teaches me how to live with the knowledge I have learned.

Naveed Ahmed Asif (Naveed)

B.F.A. (Music Performance) from International Community School, Thailand
Here we have academic agreements with many leading international institutions for faculty and student exchanges, such as UC Davis which is one of the Top 5 universities specializing in Food Technology

Susan Gono

B.S. (Food Technology) from Zimbabwe
With some of the latest and most modern equipment that suits each field of study, ABAC is one of the best universities in Asia to offer this great opportunity for the students to work with this technology.

Jin-kyo Joung (Jin-Kyo)

B.F.A.(Visual Communication Design), from Korea
If you have a plan to study in higher education at the top universities in the world, you make the right choice by studying here.

Pechaya Wattanamontri (Min)

an Actress (Channel 7) B.A. (Business English)
Many well-known alumni who are in the ABAC Alumni Association and Saint Gabrilite alumni will help us to gain great experiences and opportunities from their worldwide network.

Samu Järvisaari

B.B.A. from Finland
ABAC courses are useful and necessary in real life both for state and private setting. With good quality teaching from the lecturers which helps us learn more from them.

Phailin Hunchareon (Ploy)

LL.B. (Laws) from Satriwittaya 2 School, Thailand
“I graduated from ABAC since 2013. This university gave me the base for English skills (it was so hard at first), presenting skills (every class in ABAC has some kind of presentation assignment) and many other skills. Our university isn’t the top university for academics but it is one of the few universities that could create a “character” for each of us, which is really important in every working environment. I graduated with a bachelor’s in architecture, but I went to work in sales. Now I work in a fire extinguisher factory which is my family’s business. As you can see it’s a really different path from the major I learned but I could still find a way to work it out. I believe that if you don’t have knowledge, you can still find it and learn it. But if you don’t have the skills, it’s really hard to actually learn and gain the skills.”


Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design
“The moment you step in ABAC is the time when your enthralling journey of acquiring knowledge and learning begins. My AU life commenced as soon as I completed my IGCSE O level examinations from the University of Cambridge. Being an AU student at an early phase of life has provided me an international exposure. Having friends and experiencing the academic environment of ABAC is truly bliss. Each and every day unfolds a new story leaving behind cherishing experiences and building the extroversion, confidence, and charisma within me. The most important lesson that I have learned in the premises of this campus is to work hard. Hard work is the ultimate key to achieving something in life. So work hard and continue to be inspired by the motto of ABAC “Labor Omnia Vincit” (Hard work is of utmost importance)”


BBA- International Business Management Student
Kiratijuta, an ABAC Computer Science student who has developed AU Spark application on iOS. He is among the 350 students from the world and the only one from Thailand to receive the WWDC 2015 Student Scholarship from Apple Inc. This World Wide Developer Conference is being held in San Francisco, USA.


Bachelor of science Program in Computer Science
“I used to love drawing and painting. In my high school, I spent hours drawing pictures and recording ideas in my sketch books. I have been inspired to make designs and express myself through drawing and painting until one day I realized that I was already in Abac studying bachelor degree. Studying Business Chinese and IBM is a new experience for me. I never thought I would join this field but the more I studied, the more I found out interesting knowledge that I never knew about before and I love it very much. I feel thankful that I made the right decision. Now am working in the architecture field and am able to speak Chinese with my Chinese customers because the Chinese program at Abac is very professional. I feel blessed to be part of it.”


BA- Business Chinese Student with Minor in International Business Management