Equivation English Grades

The equivalent marks for admission to appropriate grades in English I-IV are as follows:

ENGLISH I605005.0C
ENGLISH I705255.5A
ENGLISH IV1006007.0A



Criteria and Conditions

Students requesting exemption from the required IELE English courses (E1-EIV) need to take note of the following criteria and conditions :

1.Exemption Procedure

A. Enroll in English Course

B. Make all requires payments

C. Submit official Test Score

Note * In case students submit the test score during the semester, they must continue to attend classes until official exemption is graduated. ** The same procedure has to be repeated until all English courses are completed.

2.TOEFL / IELTS scores

Must be sent directly to Assumption University from the Test Centers.

(TOEFL-DI code: 0706)

3.Academic Module IELTS

Only Academic Module IELTS test scores will be accepted for exemption.

4.Accept IELTS scores

Assumption University will only accept IELTS scores from the IELTS Test Center (ABAC Test Center).

Further information; Suvarnabhumi campus at Admission Center “SM115”, St. Michael’s Hall,
Tel. 02-7232323
or Hua Mak campus at Admissions Center, “P Bldg”, St. Philip & Bernard Hall, Tel 02-7191919

5.English courses

Even though exempted from attending English courses, students must still pay the prescribed fees.

6.Any exemption

The university will not accept any exemption applications if test scores are not submitted before the last week of instruction.

7.Consider request

The university will not consider request for grade change for any previous English courses by submitting TOEFL/IELTS score.

8.Students exempted

From English course(s) on the above basis are entitled to take an additional subject towards their semester course load.

9.Exemption administration

Will be handled by Office of the University Registrar.

10.The grades

The grades for exempted English subjects will be released along with the semester results.

11.A period

TOEFL/IELTS scores/band are valid for a period of 2 years only.


Attendance/course requirements must be complied with until exemption is granted.

Office of The University Registrar