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My name is Charlene Suwarnarat. I was born and raised in California, U.S.A. Both of my parents are Thai. Growing up, I always wanted to be a nurse. I chose Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science, Assumption University because it’s an international University. A lot of people ask me why Thailand? It’s because I want to obtain cultural exposure and experiences. Plus, I am Thai and I want to be more familiar with Thai culture because one day I would also like to work in Thailand as a professional nurse. I am now a senior nursing student and choosing Assumption University by far has been the best experience and decision that I made in my life. Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science is like my second family. I do not want to change anything because I love every moment being here.

Charlene Suwarnarat

Bernadette de Lourdes School of Nursing Science
Assumption University does offer a wide range of faculties and majors, with the use of English as a medium language of communication. I am very privileged to be studying in this university and being provided with opportunities to meet people and make new friends with people all around the globe. I just hope that these provided opportunities will lead me to a great future and success ahead, alongside with learning new cultures from foreign countries. The university campus also provides a wide range of facilities for students to do activities outside of class too.

Sorawit Panjapiyakul

School of Biotechnology, Majoring in Agro-Industry
I applied to Assumption University for the Bachelor’s degree of Biotechnology, majoring in Agro-industry. I had an opportunity to get the scholarship to undertake my Bachelor’s degree at Assumption University where is the most famous international university of Thailand. I am having a great experience while studying at Assumption University since it makes me learning with people from different nationalities in term of society and culture. The instructors teaching here are professional that they have a lot of experiences form working in biotechnology field. If you are studying at Assumption University, you will have better career opportunities in the days ahead.

Kittitat Triwattana

School of Biotechnology, Majoring in Agro-Industry
I’m Thitiporn Ratchatasedthakul. My nickname is Fon. I’m studying in Vincent Mary school of Engineering, majoring in Aeronautic engineering (Aircraft maintenance) in my second year. I always want to be in the international environment. ABAC gives me all I need. I’m in the university that use English as medium, so I can improve my language skills. The courses here are not that easy as many people thought, but it’s the way to learn. The teachers are so kind and welcome to help. Moreover, in ABAC, there are tons of facilities serving for the students without charging. I feel like ABAC is my second home

Thitiporn Ratchatasedthakul

Engineering Aeronautical engineering
As the third year ABAC student, I always feel like home to be here. I can enjoy the study surrounded by the international environment and participated in many activities at the same time. With the international linkage, I have friends from other cultures which make me learn a lot more about living life. ABAC is not only a place where I study academically, but it is also a place where I learn how to work, deal with problems and grow up as the great adult

Nattapon Rattanarak

Theodore Maria School of Arts, majoring in Business English